Our Riding Lesson Horses

Meet The Lesson Horses

Our lesson horses offer a variety of experiences.
Our horses provide opportunities for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.


Rambo is one cool dude and fun to ride. He goes by Rambo but his show name is Man About Town and he does a great job “representing” the Morgan breed. Rambo helps riders learn how to make a horse go forward while planning ahead for anything and everything!. Rambo will keep you on your toes!


This American Saddlebred is one of the sweetest horses you will every meet, and he’s perfect for intermediate and advanced riders. Count Fleet, aka K.C., will give you what you ask for, loves to please and even does driving lessons. And when he’s not giving lessons or being shown, he loves to trail ride with his owner. Many thanks to Joe Barnett for letting us use this special horse!