Our Riding Lesson Horses

Meet The Lesson Horses

Our lesson horses offer a variety of experiences.
Our horses provide opportunities for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.


Koda is the 1st horse that everyone will ride when they come to the barn. He has a calm personality, is very gentle, and has a kind soul. He is a beginner quarter horse that is a babysitter and will teach you the basics of horse riding.


Cash is the next step up from Rambo. He is so fun to ride and has so pep in his step! He is for intermediate to advanced riders. He is sweet, kind, has a gentle soul, and loves peppermints!


Lady is for the advanced riders. She is ready to ready to go the minute you put your foot in the stirrup and she loves to work. She has spirit and spunk in her gait. She is lovely to work around and loves carrots!