Horse Show Schedule

2021 Horse Show Calendar Dates:

The shows in red are the ones that I highly recommend that you go to.

The others are optional for all of us to show at.

March 11-14 -Carousel West World, AZ

April 8-11 Diamond Jubilee. Judge Allison Deardorf

April 23-25 Colorado Classic Denver

May 14-16 Silicon Valley  Pleasanton, Ca

June 9-12 Wed-Sat Del Mar show.  Del Mar Hilton. 1-858-756-2471.  Mention Del Mar Charity horse show rate.

June 23-26 Judge Tanbark. Michelle Judges this horse show.

*July 8-10 Denver Queen City, Denver (UPHA Classics)

July 8-11 Santa Barbara

July 22-25 Morgan Medallion- Vegas

August 21-28 Worlds Championship Horse Show. Louisville, KY. A must to go see and watch!

September 17-19 Labor Day Classic – Del Mar Horse park

October   AZ Futurity show

October 28-30 Vegas Horse show.   South Point Hotel and Equestrian Center. Book rooms for California Futurity Horse show rate.

November  8-13-American Royal. Kansas City, MO

December 2-5   Jingle Bells show. Dle Mar, CA. at Del Mar horse park.  Book rooms at Hilton Del Mar for horse show rate.