Desert Palms Featured Rider – Savannah – April 2022

My name is Savannah and I have been riding for about 10 months. I first wanted to start riding horses because I love horses and I always would watch a TV show called Free Reign. The show had lots of horses and the kids would ride them in competitions. I told my mom I wanted to take lessons and she signed me up at Desert Palms. My instructor’s name is Ashley and she has taught me a lot about riding horses. She is a very good trainer and is very nice. Some of the things she has taught me is two-point, posting, balancing without arms, trotting, safety, to be confident, and how to get the horse ready to ride. Oh and she also taught me to sit up straight, chin up, thumbs together, and heels down!

     The horses I ride at the barn are Cash and Koda. I just competed in my first horse show with Cash and I took first place in both of my classes with my trainer Ashley. It was so much fun! My goal is to learn to do dressage and jumping. When I’m not at the barn I am either at school, going to gymnastics, or at cheerleading. I enjoy reading, playing with my 3 dogs, and being with my friends and family.  My mom Crystal, my Grandma Linda, and my Grandpa Dennis enjoy watching me ride and are always at my practices. My favorite thing about Desert Palms is my trainer Ashley, Michelle, and all of the horses. Everyone at the barn is very nice and they are all very helpful. I love getting to see and pet all the horses and I always look forward to my lessons!