Desert Palms Featured Rider – Elle – May 2022

1. I got into riding horses by watching my sister Ava when I was 3. I asked my Mom if I could ride but she said I have to wait till I was 6.

2. The horses I ride are Cash and Ozzie.

3. Michelle teaches me upper body and lower body strength so that I am more in control and a strong rider.

4. Other activities I do are Indoor and Sand Volleyball. My partner and I just qualified to go to the National Beach Volleyball tournament in Florida this summer!

5. My goal is to get to Nationals with Ozzie and be on a magazine with Ozzie! My achievements are getting 1* place in Las Vegas in 11U and being the 10U Saddleseat Champion of Arizona.

6. I go to school at Fireside Elementary

7. My parents are Angie and Josh

8. My favorite thing about Desert Palms is Michelle, Husker, and of course the horses!!